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Arrmet. A story of forward-thinking and vision.

“Delivering the right product is every company’s dream. But what does this mean? For us, it has always meant expressing our identity in regard to customer tastes. And beyond the concept of pure aesthetics and decorative function, sustainability, lifespan and ethicality are fundamental. The success of Arrmet’s products has been won – and is won every day – working within these boundaries.”

The Sixties. An enthusiastic frontier business.

1960 | Arrmet was founded in Gorizia, producing metal furniture for communal use.

From the start, our products expressed our curiosity and desire to experiment.
Ahead of the times, we began to work in metal. These were the years of our first experiences in tube bending using the “sand packing” method. First destination of our furniture was the school classroom, but our industrial approach also enabled us to enter the naval supply market, a sector that favoured metal as a modern, reliable material.

1970s and 1980s. At the centre of the world.

1975 | We moved to Manzano, international hub for chair manufacturing.

Today Manzano is recognised as the “capital of chair-making” because for over thirty years it has been the hub of an unrivalled process of industrial development. In the early days of this explosion, the avant-garde vision of Arrmet’s founders drove them to move their company to Manzano, its current location, and to involve designers in creating their products. It was a great commercial success – the company produced metal chairs while everyone else was making them out of wood. Originality pays.

1985 | Arrmet in the world: we expanded in Europe, in the United States and in Saudi Arabia.

Every year we have taken part in the Milan Furniture Fair. This has not only enabled us to keep up with our sector’s trends, but also to broaden our market from Italy to Europe and then throughout the world. Sales increased, as did the product range. It became necessary to make production changes, and these were the years of optimisation and rapid industrialisation.

The Nineties. In love with the contemporary.

1990 | Using plastic in all shades of the rainbow.

The Nineties saw the start of experimentation with plastic materials.
A succession of management changes at the helm preserved unchanged the company’s enquiring and innovative character. Product after product, Arrmet always had something new to say. As we had always done, we interpreted the times, making products for interior and exterior use in metal and plastic, a triumph of colour and imagination.

1997 | We invented Pocket, the chair that was to make history for folding seats.

Pocket is a chair that when closed takes up just two centimetres – a tiny space, but one that contains all the tradition, experience and passion of Arrmet. Compact, functional, revolutionary, Pocket has a locking system in polypropylene reinforced with glass fibre developed by our R&D office, and this special feature is the only one in the world.

21st century. The dream becomes reality.

2004 | The years of the great outdoors. Enthusiasm for the open air.

There are two things that Arrmet is never short of: the desire to experiment and a clear vision of what people want. And so in 2004 we began to focus on designing and producing tables and chairs for outdoors. Once again, our research was backed up by the experience and the commitment of knowing we had a good idea and deciding to see it through.

2012 | New moods, new interests. The time of textiles and of wood.

While maintaining steel as our essential material, we began to introduce new materials and new concepts, such as tailoring and customisation. This development was supported by our know-how, which integrates craftsmanship and industrialisation to create a quality Italian product, appreciated worldwide. So we began important dialogues with architects and interior designers, and together we were able to create customised designs.

2013 | We invented Strike, still one of our biggest successes.

Chicago, Toronto, London, Milan, Johannesburg, Sydney, Seoul. Just some of the cities to which Strike has travelled. This iconic and discreetly elegant chair designed by Arrmet reinterprets traditional style in a contemporary language. Strike is our “right product”- the dream that became reality.

Today | Arrmet. There’s always something new.

Tomoya Tabuchi, Note Design Studio, Welling Ludvik, Ludovica + Roberto Palomba, Kensaku Oshiro and LucidiPevere sare just some of the designers with whom we work. With different backgrounds, origins and styles, each of them has created a product with something new to say and a unique personality to express. Our R&D department works closely with them to ensure each product is a compound of functionality, aesthetics and quality. Only thus do ideas become chairs and chairs become experience, in a virtuous cycle that has been thriving on passion and curiosity for sixty years.